An Impromptu Get-Together

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

more flickr photos of ladies here...

Tonight my book group friends got together for a few drinks and eats after work to celebrate one of our birthdays. Sigh...I have the best friends.

We sat outside (it was a wonderful 70 degrees) and had some bean dip, fruit pizza, watermelon, and brownies. That stuff with a few Shock Top and Rising Moon Spring Ale beers made for the perfect evening.

The kiddos ran around playing and stayed out of trouble, and the husbands were somewhere else.

Why is it that a last minute get-together with not a lot of planning turns out to be the best?

I love my friends!


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Consider yourself lucky to have good friends close enough that you can quickly get together and Just Be with. My best girls are scattered across the country now, and I can't find anyone half as great as them anywhere nearby.

Sprinkle in some thankfulness with that love! :)


Just remember though, OLD friends are better than NEW friends. ;)