Leaves of Three...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

If only I looked like the comic character Poison Ivy.

Just to let you know: Yesterday, I put on a pair of capris that I hadn’t worn since the last time it was hot in Kansas. Why is this important?

Because I am so allergic to Poison Ivy that the urushiol oil (yes, I have become an expert, and this oil is actually what makes one itch) from the leaves of some random poison ivy plant last year was still on these pants.

Yesterday morning I noticed a suspicious looking streak near my eyebrow, and throughout the day, more itchy-red-streaky-spots developed.

Today, I have a full blown case of the ivy-itches.

Have a great holiday weekend!
I will be in the GD shower, standing under water as hot as I can stand, trying not to itch!


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Yikes - hope the itches have improved.

WHAT is going on with you and the p.i.? You need to go see a witch doctor or something, because this plant has caused you some serious suffering. Good luck, and I hope you can figure out how to get it under control. :(