Do your feet look like this?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things I love about getting a pedicure:
  • the massage chair (which is a totally un-natural feeling, but I love it anyhow)
  • that hot, bubbly water
  • that sandpaper thing she uses to remove callouses on my heels and toes
  • the tingly peppermint mask on my feet (and the resulting 10 minutes to do nothing but close my eyes and relax!

Things I DON'T love about getting a pedicure:
  • when the girl uses an orange stick to push back my cuticles and remove the toe jam
  • how bad it tickles when she uses the sandpaper thing to remove callouses
  • waiting for the polish to dry
  • watching the girl clean and "sanitize" the foot bath after I'm done.

Go out and get yourself a pedicure deserve it!


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First off, that photo is just nasty! Secondly, I finally got my first pedicure ever, for Mother's Day, and it was great! Would definitely do it again.

That photo is disgust-o!

I got a pedicure on Mother's Day too! But it was so anti-climactic in that there were no magazines. wtf is up with that? Half of the reason I get a pedicure is for the magazines.

The tickling part--I so agree!