Bumper stickers

Thursday, May 15, 2008

So my hubby and I just had this funny discussion of some bumper stickers he has seen lately (he drives a lot, and frequently in red-neck and military base areas.) The phrase Whisky Tango came up many times in our conversation...He claims the stickers he sees are usually on the back of pick-up trucks, and he wonders how bad your life really has to be to have one of these on the back of your car.
"I mean, there could be a car-load of nuns behind you and you have this on the back of your car." Direct quote from husband.

Another he has witnessed lately:

more "Calvin" stickers here.

here are a few more that I wish he had seen:

nice...(buy it here)

the best part about this one is that it is obviously sandwiched between some other stickers! If you can get away with putting this on your car, buy it here!

not a bumper sticker but still funny! Thanks, Voodoo Zebra!

I might just have to write a whole different blog just recapping some of my conversations with my husband! He is funny!


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You are the one who is hilarious! Thanks for showing me your blog! I am so over the Calvin bumper stickers, especially the Calvin pissin' on _________(fill in the blank of car maker)