one fourth

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunday marked the end of the fourth week of training (of 12) for the Olathe Women's Triathlon. I have done fairly well on the training thus far. For some reason, I am not getting too stressed out when I miss a day of training like when I did for the 1/2 marathon. Maybe it is because I am in much better shape than I was when I was 4 weeks into the marathon training. Maybe it is because this training encompasses 3 different sports, so doing all of them several times a week makes me feel like I am doing more. Who knows.

This training schedule calls for only 1 day of rest per week. As you can see, I take more than that. Mostly because most weeks I can't possibly get out for an entire hour every night. Some weeks (like this one) I am travelling a lot, and other weekends I spend my days "working out" on the garden or painting, putting down new floors or taking off wallpaper in the Molly's room. By the evenings, I am WIPED out!

Sunday I did my first brick. A brick is a training day where you do 2 of the 3 sports. So, I set off on my bike at 6:50pm for 45 minutes of riding (and darn it if I didn't pick a really hilly route) and then after the 45 minutes, I parked my bike, and ran for 10 minutes. Sounds easy, huh? Well...10 minutes was ok, because I couldn't really feel my legs until about minute 9. After that I THOUGHT I MIGHT DIE! Actually 45 minutes of riding or 10 minutes of running by itself is is the one after the other that is hard. Admittedly, you DO use different leg muscles for each, but still. I was glad when it was over! At lease I was out of town when my friends did their brick on Saturday morning...IN THE POURING RAIN! Phew!'s back to swimming. Thank God!


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The trickiest thing about triathlons is the bike to running transition. I always feel as though my leg muscles just refuse to go up and down after having gone around for such a long time. But somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes your legs give in and go with the running-flow.

I'm so impressed about your consistency with the training schedule. That's always the tricky part for me.

holy crap...that's awesome!!! I've dabbled with the thought of doing a triathalon. maybe after i complete my marathon i'll give it a go.

Keep up the great work!