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Friday, July 10, 2009

I read Shindig. If you don't, you should. Zackary is participating in You Capture, and I decided I needed that challenge too. Here is my first try.

This week, participants could choose from July 4th or food. Of course, I kinda forgot about taking any photos Saturday on the 4th of July, but I can always manage shots of food. Even when I don't make it. So, here it is! Any guesses what it is?



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Pizza? mmmmmm Love this picture


pizza....i just had pizza from papa johns tonight, so I've got pizza on the brain (oh a and a little on my shirt too).

Ditto. Pizza box. Do we have to guess what brand??

looks like pizza boxes to me, and i've seen plenty of pizza boxes in my lifetime :), might see another one later tonight :O)

I just love pizza : ) Was it super delish?

I immediately thought pizza boxes also, are we right? bozes from Big Cheese! Thanks for reading!

Oh, I miss Big Cheese Pizza! It is seriously good! Do you still have Mazzio's?

Rad pics!

YUM YUM I haven't had pizza forever. Man that looks good.