Yahooie! It's Spring!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring has arrived in Kansas. I thought you might like to see a few shots of the activity that has been happening in my garden lately!

To the right are the deep purple (almost black) hyacinths pushing up out of the earth. I LOVE the way those fragile little things can move mountains to get to that precious sun! I'll share the blooms with you in about 2 weeks, hopefully!

Here is one of my babies. Yes, it is actually a poppy coning back for another season. I am so in love with poppies, but they are extremely hard to bring back in Kansas without a lot of love and care. I succeeded in doing absolutely nothing to these guys all winter, but they came back. I tried them in a new location this time, and it must have worked!

Below are the first 2 daffodils who bloomed in my courtyard already. I promptly cut them and brought them inside for our company to enjoy last night. they loved them!

And finally, the crocuses...I must admit that I am a cutting flower kind of girl, but there is nothing better than those first blooming crocuses in March. They look almost like snow on the ground.

Hopefully your first day of spring was as good as mine...enjoy the earth's greening where ever you are!


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