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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh! Hello there! I'm still here, but have been MIA for a while! There's nothing like a You Capture and a new camera to get me back into the swing of things. Work has been a killer lately, and school has started (see, I even didn't get to post pics of the first day of school, things were so crazy) but things appear to be loosening up, so I might be back to normal soon (whatever that means).

So, without further ado: food.

We are big canners in our family (and by we, I mean my father-in-law and I). Here you will see some of the beautiful salsa we canned this year, and grape jelly from last year...our last jar (the horrors of store-bought jelly!) You can also see the pretty pickled beets peeking thru on the right. We can and we freeze. We freeze and we can. Pictures of frozen things aren't nearly as pretty. Green beans, salsa, spaghetti sauce, and applesauce in glass jars are much prettier.

Please join us!


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YUM Great captures.

I need to stop looking at all these Food posts! I'm getting increasingly hungry! Your photos are great! Yummy!!

Canning is the best! Very time consuming but worth it!

Those are the best shots!

My grandmother was a canner. Love it.

Good for you on canning. Great Captures!

love the pics and the colors.

I love canning! I'm just learning but the possibilities are truly endless.