on exercise and dreams

Friday, August 28, 2009

dreamy clouds?

Last night I rode my bike for 80 minutes (and damn if my vagina bone* doesn't hurt today). You see, I am an evening exerciser. I believe it all started when I started running, and my plantar fasciitis was really bothering me. It was so bad that I couldn't even think about exercising until my feet had been sufficiently "warmed up"...like walked upon all day. This plus the fact that I had 2 children under the age of 3 at home to get ready in the mornings kind of took all the desire for getting up early away.

Anyhoo...I still like to do my exercise in the evening. I love the cold and cover of the night. I like to feel all alone. It soothes my body and my brain. However, I have come up with something lately that has just revealed itself: the connection between hard exercise and vivid dreams.

After last night's ride, I had the most vivid dreams. Like being scratched by baby raccoons and having to get rabies shots. Like forgetting the combination to my swimming pool locker EVERY time I was at swim practice. Like dreams of past friends/boyfriends where I remember every word they said. Like Carrie and Kerry thinking that taking in baby raccoons was a good idea.

See? Really vivid dreams, and ones that I remember too. Strange dreams that HAVE to have something to do with the exercise. I am going to go today and get a little notebook to start recording these dreams, and to track them to see if they are related to my exercise. Thoughts anyone?
*many thanks to Zak of Shindig for introducing me to the phrase vagina bone. But damn if I can find that post...


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I'm feeling ya on the weird vivid dreams lately.

Also, 5 bucks says you are now in the top 5 results for Google search of "vagina bone." (I'm at work, so I will not be testing this theory...)

I have very vivid dreams too! I can usually remember them unless I am woken up by someone. But if I wake up on my own I can usually recall most of them. really cool ones too like flying and running through forests and stuff. Its awesome. I have a notebook beside my bed to record stuff like that but never get around to doing it. I'm so lazy.

For the ouchie vagina bone: padded seat and padded shorts. They work wonders ;)

Although I'm not a morning person I prefer to exercise in the morning. If I don't then it kind of lingers over me all day. And by the time I get around to it I;m so exhausted it's twice as hard.

Well done with the vagina bone usage!

I think I said "punch me in the vagina bone if I ever open my own business again..." or something to that nature.

Either way, I try to work that phrase into conversation once a day.

I have experienced the exact same phenomenon -- intense vivid dreams, and better dream recall, following exercise before bedtime. In my case it was not overly strenuous or prolonged exercise either, just a few sets of pushups. But it was such a striking effect that I googled "exercise and dreams," expecting thousands of explicatory hits. But your blog was the only one that even addressed it. Thanks for noticing and reporting on it.

The same thing happens to me. If I do my EA Sports Active 2 workout in the evening, I feel like my entire night of sleep is nothing but extremely vivid dreams. It's been so consistent that I Googled "vivid dreams following evening exercise" and found your post. It's kind of cool. : )