Monday, August 3, 2009

My children leave on Thursday for summer vacation with my parents. I am taking Friday and Monday off for a little staycation of my own. Things I have planned:

sleep (late), eat, drink (wine with friends), garden, travel (hopefully to KC to pick up some cool lockers my designer, Jamie found for me...more on that later),read (at LEAST 2 books), run, build (a platform bed for Carson's room), bike, swim (in a lake!), walk the dog (she's 20# over weight!), read more (all my magazines piling up), transfer (photos from work laptop to external hard-drive), paint (Molly's room), shop, drive(to McDonald's and back for Diet Cokes), and finally, finish laying bamboo flooring in Molly's room.

Phew...hope I make it to the other side alive!

ps, these and other caterpillar photos are over at my flickr photostream!


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Staycations are the best kind of vacation! Although maybe that's too ambitious a plan!

sounds like an amazing staycation!