Tuesday, August 18, 2009

today I am a bitch

today I would have been 'snarky' had I chosen to talk to anyone

I kind of feel like this:

...fuzzy...wonky...blurry, a little out-of-sorts

...i don't want to stay but I don't know where to go

...i am simultaneously overjoyed and annoyed by my family
...i'm not happy but i'm not really sad

...i don't want to work, but i don't want to be at home either
...i have to travel tomorrow but don't feel like it
...i'm irritated and elated at the same time
and worst of all:...nothing sounds good to eat.
I have had one good hard run this today, and am heading back out for another now.
Some times this does it for me.
Here's hoping I wake up tomorrow refreshed and a little closer to my other self.


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I hate days like this...hope you are feeling better