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Thursday, August 13, 2009

This week's theme for You Capture was motion. As usual, I had high hopes of learning a few things about the shutter speed of my camera, but as usual, that didn't happen. However, I was caught in a major Kansas summer thunder storm and managed to get a few cool motion shots while driving.

Out the front windshield...

Out the driver's side window. Doesn't this look a little like a watercolor painting?

I really love this one!

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the second on eis absolutely beautiful. i thought the exact same looks like a watercolor painting.

great MOTION captures

these are awesome!

I love the 2nd shot!

Wow the second one is great! It's so painterly, you wouldn't even know it's a photograph.

I miss the torrential downpours of rain in the midwest. I agree, that second one does look like a painting.

I think I drove thorough that same storm, but in Ohio on Monday afternoon!

Those are so cool!

That last one is so watery BEAUTIFUL!

The second one is like a Monet painting, almost! Great captures!

Those are really rad!