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Friday, May 29, 2009

What are you doing this weekend? Since all of our sports are over and neither of the kids is playing ball this summer (hooray!) we find ourselves with extra time in the evenings and weekends that we haven't had in years. As a matter of fact, last evening after work, the kids and I went out the the "farmette" (what my mom calls my dad's farm) and rode 4-wheelers, looked at the newly dug out and dammed pond, and reclined on the blanket and ate chicken. It was wonderful. I have vowed to spend more time out there this summer. But, on to this weekend:

  • volunteer at the state baseball tournament happening this weekend

  • hang out at the pool

  • go out to the farm, this time with my camera and more bud spray!

  • Send Carson with my dad to a car show

  • go to church (and relish in the new earlier summer service!)

  • throw a baby shower for a co-worker

  • volunteer at the state soccer cup which starts this weekend

Sound like fun? Hopefully I will have some photos to share on Monday! What are you doing this weekend?


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My weekend so far:
1. Drink wine with a bunch of police men tonight at a wine tasting for their benefit.
2. Scrapbook all day tomorrow cuz I haven't even looked at any of it since December.
3. Drink wine tomorrow night
4. Relax by the pool sunday unless its freaking raining again.

Cleaning...because the boyfriend is making me

Running errands I've put off for weeks

Drinking Bud Light Lime

Bambi - drinking wine with cops is fun..and who better to give you a breathalizer test to make sure you're ok to drive home, or as in my case to see just how much wine i've sampled.

I feel very lazy now after my weekend of reading in the park and reading in the garden, and reading in bed...