so here's the deal...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The kissing camels in Colorado Springs

I must apologize to Zdub. You see, I WAS in Colorado Springs, and I didn't get to her place, nor did I call her. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • There were 4 families who went on our trip

  • We left Salina at 9:30 am on Friday morning

  • There were 8 adults and 11 kids...YES 19 of us!

  • Ages ranged from 1 year to 41 years

  • We all stayed in the same house

  • Actually, it was a duplex, but must have been 6000-7000 square feet

  • We ate so much steak, asparagus, baked potatoes and salad on Friday night that we didn't get the dessert out

  • Dads played golf on Saturday while moms took the kids to hike in The Garden of the Gods

  • The dads drank a little on the golf course...

  • The moms made dinner for everyone on Saturday night

  • Todd made the best bloody marys on Sunday morning. Really, the best we ever have had

  • Moms has massages and lunch on Sunday while the dads took the kids to Cave of the Winds

  • The 3-year old asked the tour guide where the dragons were at the cave, and her sister said that there were only the bones of the animals the dragons ate, and no dragons.

  • The dads made dinner for everyone (plus 4 more) on Sunday night

  • It drizzled/rained the entire time we were there

  • We left Colorado at 10am Monday morning

What a fabulous, fun filled weekend. We are so, so lucky to have the friends we do. All of the kids got along famously and with the age range of the kids, they all took care of each other. There wasn't even much sibling fighting. The adults could be upstairs and not even hear the children down. Isn't that the way vacation should be? This is the group of friends we will travel with for the rest of our lives. Life is good, and we are lucky.


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omg how super fun is that? did you see emily??

ok, what I really came over to say was that I printed your note cards today and I posted a pict on the old blog.

;) they are so super pretty wait till you see them!

Holy shit... steak, asparagus, and baked potatoes is what I told Mike I want for my upcoming b-day dinner!!! It's my favorite meal!

@richie - I didn't see Em (actually she's in Denver) but will be seeing her at our Rad and Fab 20th high school reunion in a few weeks. I can't wait!! Plus also, the cards are, well I am verklempt. I will buy every other card I ever own from you.

@marathoner - I know! You can't get better than that! Plus we had the left over potatoes in cowboy breakfast the next morning and even more asparagus at dinner the next night! I will email you the best recipes evah for grilling asparagus!

Sounds awesome!!
I like the idea of Mums & Dads giving each other alternate mornings off...
I absolutely love long weekends of good food and good friends - glad you had both!