Friday, May 15, 2009

:: if you are in the club room talking really loudly on your bluetooth headset thingy about the $155 million sale of your business you are really annoying.

:: do you chuckle a little when you go into the airport bathroom and hear someone sit down on the toilet has a huge expulsion of gas? I know it's childish, but I do.

:: if you finish your book in the club room (and have packed your kindle in your luggage) and have to go the the airport bookstore, don't count on being able to get the book for the hermit book club.

:: cheese and crackers and beer for dinner in the club room kinda sucks

:: every chair in this whole place is occupied at this time, there are people wandering around looking for seats.

:: someone who HAS to be famous just came in all dressed in black and with long black hair and dark glasses. He is being followed by some type of bodyguard person who is rolling his luggage behind him. The famous person is old.


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Was the famous person Elvis?

Airport bookstores can only be relied upon for self-help books and war stories.

Are you home yet?

Well, that was an eventful trip! I'm getting really bored of flying and this is exactly why!

PS. I got the book! But haven't started reading yet.

so who was it?

i got the irene nemirovsky in the airport in oslo, but haven't managed to find the junot diaz. i know i saw it in oslo in the train station, so i'm looking there on monday.

oh - famous people in airports, how fun!

I hate when people brag loudly on their cell phones. I usually try to stand right next to them and talk to someone even more loudly, hoping they will get the point.