equal time

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Because we are all about being fair in our house, here is a photo of me and Molly
at The Garden of the Gods in Colorado last weekend.
(Plus also, this is a much better photo of me!)


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Great pic! And I'm jealous you went to the Garden of the Gods...I want to go there. Ohio is as far west as I've ever made it :-(

aw, you have the same bangs. :-)

Um, hello? You were in Colorado Springs and you didn't come see me?

I'm devastated. DEVASTATED!

@marathoner - you MUST go to Colorado one of these days. It's beautiful! Plus also, you can stop by and see me on your way!

@julochka - well, of course! Other than the bange, we are really not anything like.

@zakary - see recent post. It explains it all!