Friday, May 29, 2009

While I was at the school library a few weeks ago, we were doing the manual inventory of all the books on all the shelves. During this process, the librarian was also "weeding." This weeding meant that we were pulling out old books and those that hadn't been checked out in years and years. Some of the books had not been checked out since I went to school there (27+ years ago!) Unfortunately, some really cool books were pulled. I understand that there are books that kids would never check out based on the story, or the condition of the book, or the "style" of the book, however, I jotted down the names of a few that I thought had really cool illustrations that I would have loved to taken with me. Also unfortunately, our district does not allow for books to be sold or given away. All of these books have to go to the district office to be taken out of circulation and "recycled." Whatever that means. Enjoy!
The Woman with the Eggs by Hans Christian Anderson,
adapted by Jan Wahl, illustrated by Ray Cruz

The Little Hen and the Giant by Maria Polushkin, illustrated by Yuri Salzman

And my favorite:
One Kitten for Kim by Adelaide Holl with illustrations by Don Madden
(Buy it here)


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Oh I love old stuff like this. so sad to see them go.

It's too bad that the library can't do a book sale, those are always such treasure troves.

@marathoner - I was sad to see them go too. I did everything I could to get her to give them to me. But that I wondered what I would do with them.

@kristin - She said they used to have a sale, but not any more. Probably took too much time. I suggested that they could probably make a lot of money on some of those books selling them on ebay or somewhere!

Oh, no!!! I hope they don't destroy them! It's a shame that you couldn't keep them. They look really cool to me, those children don't know what they are missing...