What the Fuck Wednesday

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I was having a facial this morning...
(Oh, shut up, it's the ONLY thing I do for myself on a regular basis.
I don't get manicures,
I don't dye my hair and
I don't really like to shop for clothes.)
...and guess what she found?
A ROGUE chin hair!
That's why I keep tweezers in my car.


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my mom and my sister have a SINGLE LONG CHIN HAIR each. It's genetic and proof that my father and I are superior beings. I have dark ass hair and I still don't have facial hair. Especially a single long freak chin hair.

but yeah, Keep that beard under control, Lady. I had a dream once I started growing full facial hair. It was kind of awesome but that's really the trichotillomania talking. Just one more hair for me to pull out of my body. Gross. This comment is going no where. bye.

you crack me up. I think I must try out this facial thing!!

Dude, keep a lookout because they bring their MUTHA SCRATCHIN'FRIENDS.

you must get rid of those immediately, as the only invite others over to play with them!!! arrgh!! where ARE my tweezers!!!

Well well well turns out I'm not the ONLY ONE!!!!!

I have chin hairs, sideburn hairs, and upper lip hairs that I deal with on an almost DAILY basis. Does that make you feel bettah, HMMM?!!?!?

Tweezers in the car is a genius idea, and with as much as I use mine, you'd think I have pairs all over the house, too.

I'm am sorry to take so much joy in your distress, but now it doesn't seem quite as lonely being a sasquatch. (Read: Italian American)

I have a rogue chin hair too! I HATE IT. And it comes out every once in a while, but I never catch it until it's like 6ft long and I'm sure everyone that I've talked to for the past week has been staring at it but don't have the b*lls to tell me. ARGGGG (shaking fist at sky)