Paul Newman

Saturday, September 27, 2008


You will be missed!
(God is he hot in this pic or WHAT?)
Photo credit, People Online


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He's gorgeous.

And my mom is crushed.

I so love Paul Newman and I hope it wasn't too bad for him at the end. I figured all those rumors of him battling cancer were true.

And I'm in regarding the revenge tour. And how sad is it that I have been to Tulsa and Lubbock numerous times already? Speaks volumes regarding my jet-setting lifestyle! :)

Zakary...we who live in the Midwest know what kind of places Southwest go to, huh?

so handsome. my grandpa sort of looked like him

So last weekend when I was with the mystery man. . .I got a text from one of my bestest buds telling me he had passed and I seriously almost couldn't contain myself. Such a dear he was and dreamy to boot! Crushed I am indeed.