How Profound:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm just sitting here eating my reheated* Chipotle burrito for dinner
and this just occurred to me:

Wednesday evenings always feel like Friday to me because we have no soccer, football, or soccer practices tonight. I love that feeling!

That's all!

*It's re-heated because we don't have Chipotle here in my town, and I have to bring them back for dinner whenever I travel to a town that does.

**image from greefus groink's flickr photostream.


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Ok, I know I'm like two and a half weeks lake, but I just discovered your blog and have to comment. I moved to New Orleans at the beginning of the summer and am devastated to say that Louisiana doesn't have a single Chipotle. It's tragic! I keep trying to persuade people to bring me burritos when they fly in from more fortunate places, but so far, no dice. I'm thinking of making a pilgrimage to Houston. Enjoy those burritos!