Tuesday, September 16, 2008

From Wikipedia:

Manbags (a portmanteau of 'man' and 'handbags') are fashionable bags for men. Sometimes also called murse (a portmanteau of 'man' and 'purse'). Though the traditional briefcase is technically a manbag, in the current sense of the term, manbags refer to messenger bags and reporter bags. Popular[citation needed] brands include Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tumi, Gucci,Lacoste,Balenciaga, Timbuk2 and Crumpler.

So T and I were eating lunch at Schlotzky's (funny name, serious sandwich) today and this guy walks in and is in line with a woman and the following conversation occurs:

Me: "Look, that guy totally has a murse. It's even smaller than a regular messenger bag, so I think that qualifies it as a murse."

T: "Nuh uh."

Me: "Yes-huh. Look at it. He even has it over his shoulder like a purse"

T: "No way. It has to be like his box lunch or something."

Me: "No really, I have been reading about murses, they are all over these days. Besides, why would he come into Schlotzky's with a freakin' box lunch?"

T: "There are absolutely NO murses this side of the Appalachian Mountains."

Me: "Whatever."

So, I continue to watch this guy as he gets nearer to the order counter, and sure enough, he places the bag on the counter, and pulls out...



T still claims It was only an illusion. Or else, he was hiding a vagina in his pants.


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Ya, definitely hiding a vag.


I got G a messenger bag for his b-day (can't remember if I told you or not) and he won't ever call it that. It's a "book bag" to him. (Sounds like my grandma!)