Camrose Hill Farm

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tonight I was reading thru the October 2008 issue of Midwest Living magazine (which I do love by the way) and I am so digging the article on Cindie Sinclair of Camrose Hill Farms in Stillwater, MN.

Although her website is beautiful, it is primarily focused on weddings at the farm, and wedding floral. Not that I Don't love that stuff, but I already had my wedding! For those of you looking for a venue, or ideas, go see her!

What I loved most about the article in ML was how she uses unexpected and dried plants from her gardens in her arrangements. Bittersweet, hops, apples and sedum combine for original and interesting pieces. I too love to use unexpected things from my garden in arrangements, and it is fun to see professionals doing it too!
**all images from Camrose Hill Farm website


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Have you checked out Camrose Hill's video's on Youtube?
I love that you posted about Camrose....Yea!