Low Hanging Fruit

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last night the kids and I went to our Great Aunt Helen's house to pick apples. Boy, did we pick apples! You can see our bounty below! I filled 2 fruit boxes and 2 lids to take home for myself. Aunt Helen will give the rest away to friends and neighbors and the Food Bank.

We literally only picked the low hanging fruit, and what we could get with our picker and a few ladders. Aunt Helen will have someone else come over who will climb up and literally shake the tree and will get to keep all he shakes out.

We're planning on making applesauce and apple butter and whatever else we can think of!

Holy Schmoly, look at all of those apples! I love the fall!


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What fun and great memories for your kids! Lucky you--I hope they taste delicious!