Friday, September 12, 2008

I went to Abilene, KS (population 6,305) last weekend and picked up a few things:

$1: Country Home Magazine (October 2004) with the best cover EVAR.

$8: Old frame with wonderful black and brown detailing.

$20: Metal desk which needs to be sandblasted and repainted, but will be great in Molly's room. (I swear it weighs 300 pounds, and will also serve as our tornado shelter!)

While I was at Aunt Helen's picking apples, I also shopped in her garage. I picked up this cool egg basket and that white enamel bowl...currently serving as a holding area for 1/362 of the apples we have at our house!

Pears and apples are abundant at our house right now, and we will be doing a lot of canning this weekend!


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Fun stuff, my dear! I was meaning to ask you if you have ever been to White Cloud... someone I used to work with told me that they have great flea markets there, but I'm hesitant to make the trip with out a confirmation.

Glad Abilene was such a success!

oooh neato!

Oh I want that frame! Gorgeous! What are ya gonna do with it??? Inquiring minds want to know!