Some things I have been thinking about and doing...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

  • I am so glad to live in middle America. It seems that we are fairly isolated (so far) from the extremes of this economy and hard times. I think that we don't tend to live beyond our means like some on the coasts do. These are still houses being built here, companies are hiring, and life seems to be pretty much normal. I do, however, feel for those who are more affected, like my brother who lives in New Jersey.

  • Unfortunately that's not my yard, its from JD Fielding's Flickr Photostream

  • Yesterday I did the annual "winter ready" for our yard. I mowed (hopefully for the last time until spring), cut down and pulled out all of the dead annuals, filled my compost pile with leaves, and spread my home-made compost over the vegetable garden for a nice winter sleep. It feels good to have all of that done. I do still have bean pods piled high on my sidewalk.

  • Carson was allowed (for the first time) to go to the "little park" by himself to meet friends for a game of football. I dropped him off (we live across a big, busy street, and I am still too afraid to let him walk up there by himself) and went back to check on him one hour later, and then again 2 hours later. They were having a great time, and he earned himself the chance to do it again! Oh, the sorrow and the joy of my kids growing up!

  • Today is church and Todd is playing golf (for the last time this season...again!) Molly has risen, and thanks to turning our clocks back and the extra hour of sleep, she is not grumpy, and may actually have a good day! I am going to try to block out a few hours to work on our Holiday cards, I have a few good ideas, but want to get started on them as there might be a good amount of assembly.

I think that's it for now. Happy November, and enjoy the end of your weekend.


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