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Monday, March 23, 2009

Conversation with Carson (almost 9 years old) last night after he had a shower and was in the living room reading with me:

Carson: (walking in and unbuttoning his pj shirt)
Mom: "Why are you unbuttoning your shirt?
Carson: (smiling) "Because I am hot."
Mom: "Oh" (smiling)
Carson: (big grin) "Not THAT way, mom. I'm too warm."
Mom: "Oh, OK." (bigger grin)

Later as we are done reading and heading to bedrooms and Carson is buttoning up his pj's...

Mom: "Oh, you're done being hot?"
Carson: (smiling) "ma-ahm, it wasn't like that."

Later as I tucked him into bed and stole a good night kiss and noticed he had taken his shirt completely off...

Mom: "I see you took your shirt off, were you hot in your bed too?"
Carson: (grinning) "Ha Ha, mom."

I laugh to myself every time I think of this little exchange! My little boy is growing up. I didn't even know he knew what "that kind" of hot meant!


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