spring break

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our spring break was wonderful. From the few quality days we spent at home with our kids to the few days we spent in Kansas City at the NCAA basketball tournament with Carson and a friend, we couldn't ask for more!

A few things I have been thinking of:

  • there is no replacement for staying at a nice hotel and eating at nice restaurants for teaching children things like elevator etiquette, how to put your fork on your plate to let the server know you are finished with your meal, and what you do with your napkin when you get up to use the restroom during dinner

  • time spent alone with one child without the other around is so valuable. The dynamics are so different and concentration on that one child seems so much easier when you aren't the mediator

  • refinancing your home (and the required appraisal) is a great way to get around to all of those projects you have been putting off, like re-painting the exterior trim that was damaged in the hail storm 2 years ago, and raking up the leaves that have gathered under the bushes for the past few years

  • it is really hard to not be outside working in the yard when it is 75 plus degrees in March in Kansas.

  • 7 and 8 year old kids are really easy to bribe with money when you need things like raking leaves done

Thanks for reading! Hope your spring break is/will be as good as ours was!


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did you also teach the children about room service?

and do they know about you tube (not that that has anything to do with staying in a hotel)? i just discovered that my child can search for hannah montana on you tube by herself no problem.

and she can order sushi from room service. and find her way to the chocolate buffet down in the lobby...

kids. they grow up so fast...