Thursday, July 17, 2008

So, a quick post before I go help one of my BFFs move into her new house down the street from me:

Next summer will be 20 my year high school reunion (and SGM's too). We are already working on contacting people and getting them to register on our class website. You see, I was the kind of person in HS who wasn't very popular, was on both the debate squad and the dance team and the swim team. I had a wonderful group of friends that I am still very close to this day, and we weren't in the popular group, but we grew up with all of those people, so we knew them. I would say I was in the "tweener" group. We weren't dorks, but weren't popular either.

So...I am also the kind of person who will call anyone, and I have returned to the town where we graduated from. This means that people think that I can find most of our classmates (NOT!). But because I will call anyone, I have managed to track down quite a few of our 'mates. Many of whom were "popular."

No, this isn't DD, but he did graduate in 1989. More 1989 graduates here.

One of these 'mates was a totally cute guy. After I contacted him about the site, we emailed and turns out he in here in town this week. So, my fingers got a little out of control on one email and said "we should have lunch while you are in town." Jeezus, why did I do that? All of the emotions from HS about not being good enough, I look like a dork, I am not in the popular crowd, etc. came flooding back.

Much to my surprise, he wanted to have lunch and catch up.

So, I just got back from said lunch...

And you'll have to wait until the next post to see how it went!


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COME ON! Is he still cute? Did you meet his wife? Did you have sex on the table?
Is it MH who's moving?

ACH! Hurrryyyyyyy! I'm dying to know how it went!

oh dear gawd, you need to read my post from last summer and going to my 20 year. I wanted to kill myself after.

it was not good. not good at all.

I wasn't popular, wasn't on anything except yearbook I was sort of a non-person in HS - that's a great description actually...non-person.

but...I have hope, hope that you will be everything I'm not go kick some bootie girl!