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Saturday, July 12, 2008

What is del.icio.us?


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I'll take a shot at this, but it's not like I'm the expert.

It's a "social bookmarking site." Meaning that people can see what you've bookmarked (although you have the option of "hiding" something). I use it to keep track of temporary projects, such as (right now) cupcake ideas and invitations to my kids' bday party. I also use it as a universal wish list -- when I see something I like, I just tag it "want," and I can go back and look through everything with that tag at some later date. I also use it to bookmark recipes, and things I want to read.

These are all things you could easily do in your "bookmarks" or "favorites" in your regular web browser. The del.icio.us thing just lets you 1) share them with other people who are "following" you, and 2) access them from any computer, not just your own (because the info. is stored on the internet, you see). There is also a way to publish a post to your blog of all the things you've tagged "for:SFM" -- however, I haven't figured out how to make this work properly, in all honesty.

Hope that helps. Here's my page, if you'd like to see it in action.

I can't say it much better. Basically it's like bookmarking things like you normally would on your browser except it's stored online so if if you see someone's bookmarks and they have similar taste as you then you can steal their links and discover new stuff.

Recently I've reaped the benefits since my hard drive crashed and instead of losing all my bookmarks, there they were saved online on delicious!