OMG! Part deux

Friday, July 18, 2008

So, we went to lunch. I waited until about 11:15am to call him, thinking (hoping) maybe he had made other plans or something. Lucky me, I got his voice mail, and I left an innocent message something to the tone of: "Just calling to see if you still wanted to have lunch. If so, give me a call at 867-5309...(kidding about the number there!)

As I was waiting (hoping) he would call me back, I started curling my hair. Yes, I actually got out my curling iron and curled my hair. Shit! I so totally felt like I was in high school. Waiting for that guy to call me back after I left his mother with a message to call me. However, I must say that after I was done curling, make-uping and dressing, I looked HOTT! I mean, seriously, HOTT. I don't look that good when I go out for date night with my hubby. How bad is that?

Here is what I wore:

This shirt is from Target's GO International collection, and I love it. Kinda see thru, but great with a cotton camisole under it.

Citizen of Humanity Ava Stretch Skinny Jeans. I didn't actually wear these because i don't actually own them, but I did wear my dark skinny-ish jeans. I have to admit that If I actually looked like this photo, he would have taken me right there on the table, no doubt in my mind

My Rocket Dog black canvas shoes with that cutest little wedge heel.

So, basically I looked like this:

Image from here, via here.

Except, without the black turtleneck, and jeans instead of camel slacks, but you get my drift.

He actually does call me back and I go meet him at "the shimmy." That's the one-of-a-kind pizza restaurant that everyone has to go to when they are back in town. I walk in to find him, his wife (who is 9 years younger by the way) and his father (who is a family friend of my parents). This is going to be good...I am thinking.

He sees me immediately upon my entering, walks over and shoots a huge good-to-see-you smile, and gives me a I don't think I ever touched him in high school. As we sit, they tell me they ordered a dream (like McDreamy???) pizza and would that be ok? I say no, I will just have a salad (damn cleanse) and stare across at the table at him. He is looking hot with a green tee-shirt and khaki shorts. He has put on a few pounds, but well, so have I (at least I have 2 children to show for it). His wife is cute in a waify-26-year-old-merely-a-child-with-no-boobs sort of way.

He starts asking me about my family, the kids, my husband, and, well...he is looking at me. Like LOOKING at me. Intently listening to my every word and looking directly into my eyes sort of way. SHIT! Once I realize this, I can no longer make eye contact with him because I am like "why are you looking at me that way?" I mean he was directly looking into my eyes and almost hanging on my words. I kind of had a flip-floppy stomach over it all. His wife was right there for gosh sake!

Lunch was great, conversation was great, and we all walked out. We said our goodbyes, hugged again, and off I went in my Volvo station wagon, looking like Jackie O.

I think I am making a big deal out of nothing, but I can't help thinking about why he was looking at me like that. Maybe he is just a really good, direct eye-contact person like that. Maybe I looked just like I did in HS and he couldn't believe his eyes. Maybe he regrets not keeping in better touch.

Who knows, but all I know is that it was fun, and we'll keep in touch now. And I will keep thinking about those eyes...

Stay tuned for what are sure to be many more 20-year reunion happenings!


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The top is great.

My heart pounded the most for the dream pizza!
He hugged you, huh? He wants you. BAAAAAAAD.

What a great story and I'm SO happy that you're excited for your reunion--I always am too and people look at me a little bit like "what a loser"--but, I think if you were like how you said you were like in high school...well, then, we would be kindred spirits. Cheerleading was my life :) Not for popularity or short skirts-- but because it was MY JOB and I LOVED it...geez.
At my 25th reunion, Mr.Superstar came up and said "how come we never hung out in high school" as I was wearing an amazing Valentino linen dress with straps and buckles advertising I was so into life's adventure, babe :) plus, the fact that I have good hair now and boobs. I just smiled and said I wasn't sure but isn't it great we are here now--you , me , and YOUR WIFE! Then I turned that strappy/buckle me up here and there back of mine and walked away. :) AMAZING.