Help, they've fallen and I can't keep them up!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

OK, so this is not exactly the image that goes with he title of this post, but damn, it cracked me up! It's from here, if you care to read about British football (I think that is soccer for us in the ole US of A)

I just wanted to tell you that an unexpected development has occurred as a result of this cleanse I am doing: I can't keep my pants up! Yes, girls and boys, this is true! I kid you not!

It has been a mere 4 days since I started and my pants are looser. I really am not doing this as a way to lose weight (not that I couldn't stand for that to happen) but what a great result! I must say that I do feel great, and I am never hungry, and it hasn't really been too much of a put-out for me to do it. It's not nearly as hard for me as I thought it might be.

Don't get me wrong, I am looking for ward to a big Dairy Queen Oreo Brownie Earthquake thingy as soon as this is over! Or maybe a Sonic Oreo Blast. Or maybe some hot french fries from McDonalds. Or maybe a cheese enchilada...


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ha ha to all of this! I agree--I haven't felt the hunger either. Maybe it's b/c of the no sugar business?

Frank ate a Reese's blizzard in front of me last night and it was ok, but count me in for the oreo earthquake chocolate orgasm sundae thingy.

wow! I really need to give this thing a try :)