training week 2 in review

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday - Stretch and strength with Hope
Tuesday - 3 mile run the the girls outside
Wednesday - 5 X 400s on the treadmill at the Y, again I enjoyed this one!
Thursday - 3 mile run outside with Cara and Susan
Friday - Strength and 3 miles of laps at the Y with Hope.
Saturday - rest day
Sunday - I.just.couldn'

The worst this week
This week was great until Friday.  Leaving the hardest workout until the end of the week was really hard.  By the time I got home Friday nite, I was physically exhausted.  The only saving grace was that Saturday was a planned rest day.

The best this week
We had planned our group run for Sunday afternoon due to basketball schedules, but none of us could face going out into the cold in the afternoon, me included.  At least I wasn't the only one who ditched the run!  Some days you just need a day off!


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