5 random things that gross me out

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just recently I have encountered several of the following things in a matter of hours, and I was thinking that maybe if I wrote about them it would be kind of cathartic. Maybe it would ease my grossed-outedness.

1. hair. Not generally the kind still attached to my head, but specifically the hair that collects in the drain of the shower, that is in my hairbrush and needs to be pulled out, and the hair of the dog (literally) that has to be swept up from the corners of my hallway.

2. wet paper towels. It really grosses me out to have to change the trash bag in the bathroom at work that is full of wet paper towels. I am sickened in public bathrooms where trash cans are overflowing with other people's paper towels. I usually try to use the air dryer (less waste that way too.)

3. lotion plugs. You know, that smeg that blocks the end of the lotion pump? It kind of gets hard and thick and shoots out when you least expect it; then you have to pick it out of the lotion in your hand and throw it out. Ick.

4. that jelly/gel stuff that chicken juices turn into after they have been cooked and cooled. Gross. Plus also, what do you do with it? Throw it in the trash...put it down the drain?

5. locusts. You know the kind that go 'eee-eew' all night in the summertime? They're gigantic and they shed their exoskeletons all over the place and are generally disgusting.

Phew, I do feel better now getting that off my chest!


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For me, it's chicken bones.
I LOVE fried chicken, but the minute I am full and finished, that tasty treat in my plate instantly turns into animal carcass, EW EW EW.
I don't often cook bone-in chicken, just because I can't deal with the aftermath. I know that's stupid.

See now, I kinda' like cleaning the hair from my shower drain. As long as it's my hair, or that of my family. It's just so satisfying!

But chickens in general disgust me. Eating chicken with the gristle, and the GRISTLE? Tendons and such.

But hands down the thing that grosses me out the most is spit. Loogies on the sidewalk, spit on the side of someone's mouth--if I imagine a cup of spit I gag. Like right now. Khllllllg.

I am so with you on number 3. ewwww it makes me gag. Which is just dumb considering the same contents as the "plug" are what I'm about to smother my skin in, but still.