What the Fuck Wednesday

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remember THIS one?
Now look at this one.

Who thinks of this stuff? Why would a person do it?

Yet another one from my inbox!


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The thing is, it takes real artistry to achieve that kind of figural drawing and shading. Time to use your powers for good, artist-man!

This looks like something only a man would find funny. This guy is never getting laid again, I can tell you that much.

that is really bad!

my dad was in the navy in the 50s and was always quite proud of himself for not getting a tattoo, but he said that if he did, it would be of a worm crawling out of his belly button. glad he never did it!

I left a homage to you on my blog Amanda, a wtf wednesday of my own...

Oh that's some good shit.