Go Vote, and a few funnies too!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, today being an historic election day, you better get out there and vote...but better yet, here are a few gems out of the mouths of babes (MY kids) from recent conversations about voting and the campaign:

Carson (age 8): Can you tell people who you vote for?

Molly (age 6.9, her birthday is the 29th): I'm voting for McCain because that's who Maysin (her friend) is voting for.

Carson: I'm voting for Obama because I want to be different.

Mom to Carson after he went with his dad to vote this morning: Did Dad tell you who he voted for? Carson: No, but I watched him vote, and I'm not telling you.

I have done my best to be objective and informative about the process of the election, and not talk about the candidates per se with the kids. At this point i want them to understand the importance of voting and how they can make a difference. Hopefully I have done that.


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They let the kids "vote" yesterday at Zoe's school. She told me last night to be a "good citizen" and go vote. Too funny.

i say start brainwashing them to be little democrats right away...screw that neutrality business...this is war! but it seems to be a war that we won!!! i love the fake americans!!!

yay us!!

And another thing, I'm concerned about your daughter Molly; my birthday, the most Scandalous of Scandalous Housewives, is on the 29th!
Oh, oh. I'm just sayings...

It's great that kids are so interested in the election. We need kids to think that voting is so important that they'll look forward to it when they are old enough.

Good for you for getting them off to a good start!