A Family Daughter

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last week I finished A Family Daughter by Maile Meloy. Yet again, it was a library book, continuing on my drive to read more books from the library rather than just buying them.
This book was recommended to me by SGM's mom, and I think SGM gave it to her to read. If you read it, you might wonder why in the world someone would recommend a book about incest, but the story line was original, and it was a fairly easy read. Characters in the book were very well developed, and the book ended very naturally.
The more books I read about families, the more I realize that most families are not normal. I grew up loving my extended family, and thinking everyone was so cool, and normal. After college, I started noticing things about family members that when viewed as an adult were really strange. I have one aunt who is really selfish and unstable, an uncle who is all about my grandmother's money, and another who is married so someone who is just plain annoying. All of these things are clues into my own history, but are also so different than what I saw when I was a child. I suppose some day my own children will say the same things.
Maile Meloy also wrote Liars and Saints. I don't think this is a sequel, but I wonder if I should have read it first. Has anyone read Liars and Saints? What did you think?


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omg, how many times do I have to tell my mom I DID NOT KNOW IT WAS ABOUT INCEST!

I have taken so much HEAT about this book, you wouldn't even believe it. Glad to hear it's good though.