You mean I should cut those?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I love this time of year...this is when I can finally start saving money on fresh flowers at the store and begin making my own...from whatever happens to be in bloom in my garden! I cut some flowers tonight before it rained again, just to cheer up the house. My digital camera keeps saying "memory card error" so I had to take these with my Blackberry camera...please excuse the photo quality.

Assorted Tulips with a bit of Lavender for fun!

Don't mix fresh cut daffodills with your fresh cut tulips, though. First put the daffodills in a vase by themselves and change the water every 5 minutes or so until the sap stops running, then you can put them in with the tulips. Daffodills exude sap that is toxic to tulips, and mixing them right away could shorten the life of the tulips! At least, that's what Martha says.

Tulips with Sage!

Tulips origianlly came from the middle east (and not Holland!) and the word comes from the Ottoman Turkish word for turban or muslin. Another thing to keep in mind, tulips grow about another inch after they are cut from the plant.

A few "leftovers" from my trees!
Hope you have been able to enjoy fresh cut flowers from your garden(s) this spring too!


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Interesting tip about the daffodils - Good on Martha - she knows eh! :-)