A Random thought

Saturday, April 12, 2008

As I sit in my 4th hotel in the past 7 days, reading blogs, It has just occurred to me why I love reading all of these blogs...they are just like the kind of books I like reading: real life. I am not into mysteries, or suspense. I like reading stories about people who could just be regular people, my neighbors even. All of these blogs I have been introduced to are just that: real life. Thanks for sharing your lives with me. I love it!


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I totally agree! I found your blog from a comment you left on Petunia Face (love her) and just read many of your entries. I, too am a sucker for marketing and just love your blog...will be back!

SAME HERE! I have never loved novels, but have always loved biographies. I was thinking today as I ran errands that blogs have entirely replaced TV watching for me. Except for a few programs we Tivo, I have no need for TV. My favorite "channels" these days are personal blogs. I love everyone's stories and comments. LOVE.

And you're an excellent commenter on ye olde Decorno, so thank you for that. :)