Friday, April 4, 2008

My boss (who is cool as shit, by the way) just got these shoes in the flat version...I am soooooooo jealous. I can't bring myself to fork over $237 for a pair of shoes. Maybe someday. Of course, they are from here.


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AGhhskfjdh! That pair of shoes is in the top 3 items of my wishlist right now... they're brill. My husband works at J. Crew, so we get a significant discount, but even then, they are still super-pricey. Someday, my shoes, someday I will come for you!

really cute. but honestly, open toed shoes sort of suck a little. to make you feel better about not making the purchase: the shoe never quite fits because your heel pulls up and out every time you step forward.

see? now you can feel ok about not owning them.

Oh, I love those! But when did J. Crew get so pricey? I dressed in head to toe J. Crew in high school and college - when it was all jeans and rugby shirts - and never spent very much. Now I walk in there and get such sticker shock. But the clothes are wonderful.