The "hearth" room

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So, I have finally broken down and painted over my red wall in my hearth room (that sounds so grand, doesn't?).

Actually, it is no hearth room, it is just the room connected to my kitchen, separated by a 1960-ish long, half wall which serves as a pantry on the kitchen side, and a long half wall on the other side. We decided to make that room the official dining room.
  • So, the paint is this color from Benjamin Moore: Decatur Buff (actually it is 3/4 of this color, but you get the idea)
  • The trim matches all of the painted trim in the rest of the house: Tortilla.
  • I bought this rug that I had been eyeing at Target (yes, of the only places in the middle of nowhere to buy things for your home):
Now I am looking for the perfect buffet/sideboard/cabinet to have on that long half wall. I was turned on to Julian Chichester and I am thinking of one of these...what do you think? They totally are perfect for my contemporary styled home, with a nod toward the traditional:

This one has the most amazing velum fish scale detail on the front.

This one is long as well, and has this cool wave front. It also comes in silver leaf, but I think the black is cool.

So, what do think? I do also need some suggestions for curtains on my 8-foot sliding glass door. Any suggestions would be loved!


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