What the Fuck Wednesday

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ok, so here it is...for all of us who have had a terrible, injurious time of it while shaving our nether-regions: The Bikini Line Genie!
According to the website:

"The Bikini Line Genie®, when properly fitted, provides protection in the form of a contour fitting mask. It is held in place using the curves of your own body (labia majora) and is so simple to use. It’s extremely comfortable and you can adjust the Bikini Line Genie® to cover as much sensitive area as you like for ultimate pubic hair removal and protection"
Oh, thank god! Something so simple to use! I mean, protect yourself now:
"So please don't wait until real-time injuries occur it's such a small step to take to avoid hours even days of extreme discomfort and possible disfigurement that not to take that tiny step towards protection would be unwise and unsafe. So Please Protect Yourself Now!"
If you hurry, you might be able to be one of the first to buy and get it for free! Stay injury free!
Thanks to Strange New Products for the picture!


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wtf indeed. Who invented this?!