Dag Nabbit...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So, my hubby and I went to Target on Sunday to purchase the tv that George Bush has so generously paid for, and while we are waiting to check out (actually while waiting for them to bring the ginormous box the the front) I decide to pick up a few mags for my work trip to SE GA this week. I perused for a while and selected Real Simple and Domino.

You see, I decided to not subscribe to any magazines this year...yes, I let them all expire. I ignored all of the FINAL NOTICEs, SPECIAL OFFERs and LAST CHANCEs. I know that seems impossible but I am doing this little "try to be more conservative" thing with my life and somehow that translated to not subscribing to mags but to just buy them if I felt like reading them.

Anyhoo...I had these magazines all ready to go, and I even resisted opening them up or flipping thru them for 2 days until I left for my trip at 4:30am this morning. And what happened????


So, I had to buy crappy People Magazine (hereafter known as The Life of Britney Spears (TLOBS)) at the airport to get me by. Crap! That sucks!

Thanks George! What are you buying with George's money?


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We just need to give in and subscribe. Frank is out of town and I am soooo wishing I had some magazines to leaf through. Boo hoo.
George $ is going toward our anniv trip!