- (minus) one

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here is Molly in the garden on top of the Met in NYC just yesterday.  She has been there for about a week with her Nana (my mom) for her "10-year-old trip to New York."  It always strikes me when one of the family members is gone how different the household feels.  With Mol gone, I have had to be the organizer, maker of plans and overall on top of the family's game.  Usually she does all of these things.  That is not to say that we have stumbled this week, or forgotten anything, it is just that is has been different.

Just Carson, Todd and myself in the house lends to a much more relaxed, easy-going, go-with-the-flow atmosphere which has been really fun!  Some nights we had dinner together, and others, it got late and we realised that everyone had just taken care of themselves!  Carson has been busy this week, for sure, but has been willing to just hang out with us in the evenings.  I treasure that time since I know that next summer (and beyond) we will have less and less time together; and probably less willingness on his behalf to just hang out with his parents.

In a few weeks, Carson will go to overnight camp (for the first time ever) and again, our house will feel strange with one of us missing.  With Carson gone, we will most likely have planned meals each night, each activity mapped out and planned for, and not much time to spare for just lounging.  Which is great. 

Both ways are fun, they are just different.  Now if the temps would just dip below 100 one of these days, all would be perfect!


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