hazy, lazy days of summer

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two days in a row, you say...what gives?  Mostly I was looking at these shots I took with my iphone right at wheat harvest time, and this one made me think a lot about these kansas summer days.  This is what we see here in middle america most days in the summer: blue skies that linger forever, with a golden yellow cut wheat field below.  Time stretches on like the horizon, and every few days, the wind kicks up a giant thunderstorm; exactly what happened yesterday.

I left the house for a run at 8pm last night, determined to finish the 4 miles + 2 hills this time without walking due to the oppressive heat.  The sky was full with navy blue and grey clouds, and I knew it would rain eventually.  As I kicked it up the hills, I could feel the front line passing above me.  The temperature dropped 10+ degrees, and the wind switched to the west.  It was heavenly.  I could have run forever.  By the time I rounded the corner to my street, big, fat drops of rain were falling, and the smell of hot, wet concrete was everywhere. 

I finished my run with energy to spare, and we got 1.5 inches of rain.  Now, that is a good way to end a day.


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