you capture - real life

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I know it is hard to believe, but this is so my real life. 
My friends and I had a sunset picnic on Saturday night in Ellsworth County, right here in Kansas. 
I was surrounded by beautiful friends, beautiful prairie and a most beautiful sunset. 
We sat still, drank wine, ate, talked
and were just plain were thankful for all that we have and all that surrounds us.

Join us!


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beautiful picture. :) The second one would work well for next week too!

Wow! Great life and photos - love that sunset!

i want to go looks relaxing! Great shots!

I've never seen the prairie...When I take pictures like that it's usually at the beach...Really the only time I get to see the full horizon. Great shots.

Seriously? That's your Real Life? I'm so jealous! The only picnics I get to go on are at the park and consist of PB&J and juice boxes.
My Barefoot Wine drinking is confined to the house after bedtime.
Love the pics!

Gorgeous shots! Looks like a wonderful time!

wow..amazing! i want to be there!

I only wish my real life looked like that. I suppose it does on a blue moon or two, but not usually. Beautiful pictures!!

The sunset is simply beautiful.

SERIOUSLY?! this is your life?!


i kid. it looks lovely. and i love that you're a runner...

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