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Sunday, November 15, 2009

So, what to say when I have committed to writing more often, but have nothing of note to say?
Maybe a list of my weekend activities will do
(lists always have a way of bringing things around, don't you think?):

>had a great and fun shopping trip with my boss and her friends of Friday (Yes, I have a GREAT boss)
>ate at IHOP on Friday night with Carson and my mom
>fell asleep in the vortex on our new couch.  You know, that spot where you instantly fall asleep when you are all bundled up.  That's the vortex.
>slept in on Saturday and then went to Hillsboro to Carson's first basketball tournament of the season (they were 1and 2)
>between games, went to watch our 3rd kid (actually, Hector, our great KWU men's soccer student who we are the host family for) play in the KCAC championship game.  They won!  4-0!  Now they are on to McKenzie, TN on Saturday.  If they win that game they go to California for the championship!  They are all so excited for the possibility as they will get to be home with their families for Thanksgiving if they make it) 
>went for a run in the cold, dark, damp Saturday night.  My FAVORITE time to run.
>slept in on Sunday (and even skipped church) and had a bacon sandwich for breakfast.
>read with the kiddos in my bed for a long while
>went for a walk with Mrs. Jordan in the cold mist.  Loved every minute of it!
>put my sweatpants on and didn't move from the couch for the rest of the day...

ps, do you think the knots on aspen trees look like eyes?  I'm fascinated with them, and take photos of the eyes every time I am around Aspen trees.


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love that birch tree eyeball! :-)