found time

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last night, Molly had soccer practice.  Carson did too, but his coach (his dad) ws sick, so it was cancelled.  I found myself with a great opportunity for some time alone with my son.  Carson.  The 9-year-old.  My 4th grader.  My lovey-dovey, will-still-kiss-me son.  I love this "found time."  So, we decided I talked him into going to the boy's high-school soccer game.   We got ourselves some nachos, Starburst and a Diet Dr. Pepper.  We made our way up to the top of the stadium to watch.
The game was a blow-out.  None of his friends were there.  The crowd was sparse.  We had a ball.  It was so pleasant and wonderful to just spend time with my son.  My growing-up-too-quickly son.  My son who scooted up close to me to just hung out.  You see, it wasn't even about the game.  The game, honestly was boring and secondary.  For us, it was just about being together.  A hour of time we had stumbled upon to share. 
I love these found times, and have to keep reminding myself to look for them; not to worry about having a whole afternoon together, but to enjoy those little blips of time together on his growing-up timeline.  little blips...


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ohhh...I love when the universe gives unexpected gifts like this!