the best and the worst

Monday, September 28, 2009

The undefeated Salina Pirates!

Some days I am just the best.  Otherdays, not so much.  Yesterday for about 1.5 hours I was the best.  You see, in-between Carson's soccer games, I needed to run to the store to get another memory card.  I had a brillian idea to go to Wal-Mart (yes, the dreaded Wal-Mart...but only because they have the machine...keep reading) and get the cards, but to also develop the photos I took during the first game, and take them back with me to the second game.  Our Wal-Mart has several of those "instant develop" machines, which don't do so well for really high quality developing, but for parents of kids who were playing soccer a mere 2 hours ago, it is pretty cool.  So, I had photos for parents of all of the kids on the team (save for one, who somehow I missed).  It was a good afternoon.


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Love di ALL that whilst they were playing.
I love the name of their Team...
Have a good week...
Char (The other one from Lens Us Together)

how adorable are they??? so cute