A Pleasant Surprise

Saturday, January 19, 2008

So as I said earlier, I was on a work trip this past week to southeast GA. I flew into JAX and then drove up to where my work was. However, I had done a little research before I left town on where the Sephora store was in Jacksonville. I was pleased to see that they had one, but knew that it was about 1/2 hour's drive from the airport, and since I was landing Tuesday night at 7pm, I knew I would only have about 1 hour to shop.

As planned, I arrived at the St. John's Town Center around 8pm. I was in HEAVEN! First I saw the Sephora store, then the Urban Outfitters, then Anthropology. Next I spied the PF Chang's and knew what was for dinner after my 1 hour shopping spree was up. (If you are wondering why all of these things excited me so, I live in the middle of nowhere, and don't get to visit such places often). After making several purchases, including what I was looking for at Sephora, I was preparing to drive over to PF Chang's for dinner, and what did I see but a lululemon athletica store.

Now, I have heard of the gems in these stores, but I have never had the opportunity to frequent one. I was practically drooling at all of the possible purchases I could make. Now, I have to admit I am a total cheapskate. I almost never buy anything unless it is on sale, but much to my surprise, there were many items on sale from which I could choose. Here is what I purchased:

The rose colored was a whopping $14 and the other one (which I actually purchased in a kind-of maroon color) was $29. I could have spent $600 there!

The best part of all of this (and who whole reason for this post) was that as I put on the rose colored one this morning, I discovered that there are thumbholes! For any of you who are runners, you know what joy this brought me. For those of you who aren't, there are these little holes in the wrist of the shirt to pull over your thumbs to keep the sleeves from riding up under your jacket sleeves, or better yet, for me they provide just enough covering in cold weather that I don't need to wear gloves while I run.
So, I will be wearing my lululemon shirt all day today (and hoping to get a run in as well) and every time I look down at the sleeves, I will be smiling! :)

So, please, dear readers, seek out the nearest lululemon athletica store and buy away!

After the comment by anonymous, I have corrected my capitalization errors...thanks, anon!


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Thumbholes! I had no idea those even existed. Pretty cool.

I can't help myself...

The spelling is all lower case:
lululemon athletica

and for those of you who don't know it is pronounced: lulu (like tutu) lemon (like the fruit)

Some like to add a weird french twist to the lemon part.

Happy Shopping and check out www.lululemon.com!

anon - OK, you are so right. I was looking at the tag on my shirts and just naturally capitalized. Thanks for keeping me honest!

congratulations on making out of lululemon without spending over $100! in canada the prices are a little worse (dear government of canada: the dollars are equal now, please adjust prices accordingly) but the first time I went in there I definitely walked out with a $100 pair of gym pants and a $75 work out top-before I had even joined a gym, haha! Anyways, enjoy you new purchases!