I did it, but not for that reason!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I bought the People magazine tonight.

However, not really on purpose; here's the story:
My daughter and I had spent all day running errands and then changing her room around. At about 6pm we decided to go see the local high school basketball team play in the championship game of a tournament. However, during our errands, I spent all of my cash.

Now, I am sure you are saying something like "so what, go to the ATM," and I would be too. But the problem is that I don't know my PIN number for my ATM card. I have not used my ATM card for at least 6 years. I am kind of punishing our bank by not using my ATM card. I just refuse to memorize another random number, as our bank does not let us choose our numbers.

So, I went to the scary Dillons grocery store for the express purpose of buying something small just so I could write a check for $30 over the amount of the purchase. We were trying to figure out what to buy, and she came up with a XXXL KitKat bar, and I came up with the People magazine with MM on the cover. Eureka! Problem solved: I got MM and we got cash to go to the game.

I wonder what the lady who checked us out thought...


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I don't know my ATM number either!
Now you need to give a summary of the mag so i don't have to buy it. :)